Relaciones Internacionales


Students must stay inArgentinaa week or a few days before classes starts. It is necessary because we should have meetings with the students and give them all the information.

We require these following things:

  • Exchange papers and formularies that every University has.

  • Career study plan (with all the subjects). Syllabus.

  • Passport photocopy.

  • Recommendations letters signed by teachers or authorities.

  • Student letter of responsibility.

  • Subjects that the student requires equivalences: we need every study plan and possibly FASTA equivalences.

  • Student letter in which she/he explains to us why chooseFASTAUniversity,Mar del PlataandArgentinafor their exchange.

  • Copy of an International Health Insurance Policy. 

  • A 100USDollar as a fee. We receive that money just for one time during all the staying in FASTA.

We recommend send us all the papers with enough anticipation, so our Academic Units can analyse every student and determinate if there is problems or not with the subjects. Also, it is completely necessary that every student has a fluent communication with their tutors, to solve every possible problem.

 In FASTA Universitywe have the “Counselor Teacher”, and his/her function is solving every academic requirement and suggesting possible changes in every subject that it is necessary.

Avellaneda 3345

Mar del Plata

Tel. 54 223 475 70 76  ext. 135